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08 October 2007 @ 10:52 pm

They had done it.  Hadn’t they?  They had saved the world.  Aeris had summoned Holy.  And Cloud and his friends had defeated Sephiroth who had been blocking Holy’s powers. 

 Then why did he feel so much dread?

 “Did you really think it was over?”

 No.  It wasn’t possible.  It couldn’t be.

 “My foolish little puppet.”

 There was darkness all around him, pulling him down, swallowing him whole.  A hand pierced into the darkness, reaching for him.  He stretched towards it desperately.  It was her…

 “You cannot escape me.”


Cloud sprang up half off the bed.  His breath was ragged and he was covered with sweat.  A moment later the effort of moving caught up to him and he winced from a shot of pain.

 “Where…where am I?”