Agnoste Chora

Dust in the wind of a strange world

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Agnoste Chora or, "strange world," as the first humans to arrive there named it, is a patchwork of different places and times. It's cut off from the rest of the universe and exists in a self-contained time loop. This means that anything from anywhere and anywhen can show up there, and often does.

Any and all characters are welcome, though preexisting canon characters are preferred simply because it's easier to find background info on them. However, if you have a well thought out fan character, or a character from an original story, they're welcome as well. Mary Sues are likely to be beheaded on sight. Note that once a character has arrived in this world, there is no way of leaving.

This is very important: there is a line between IC (in character) and OOC (out of character). IC is what the character does, OOC is what goes on between the players. Contrary to the opinions of some, things that happen IC should not affect the relations between players, just as the converse is true. Actions IC can be assholes, so long as they're in character. However, if someone is being an ass OOC, that's grounds to get booted. No god-moding, that'll get you in trouble too.

For those who are new to LJ-based roleplaying, you'll need to make accounts for your character(s).

Mandatory Disclaimer: This is a roleplaying community designed for a small group of people. No one is making any money off it, characters are property of their original creators, etc and so on.

I think that covers everything.